Moylan Energy Management, Inc. (MEM) recognizes that each client has unique needs and expectations. MEM’s billing systems are readily adaptable to all specified requirements. Our practices and our computer programs are flexible and can accommodate each client’s requested services. MEM’s preferred formats and protocols can be tailored to accommodate special or incremental needs identified by clients. We are proud to say that we do it YOUR WAY. At the same time, MEM will always be willing to provide advice, suggestions and recommendations as any unanticipated issues arise or as new technologies are introduced to the market.

MEM can handle the needs of the smallest project to the largest project. We handle properties involving one meter to over 1000 meters. MEM values all our relations with our clients, we are proud to say that we have a client retention record of 99.9%. We recognize that our clients are the future of our business. Our clients are one of our most treasured marketing tools; they refer us to their peers and associates.

It has been our experience that tenants appreciate their utilities usage individually documented by a credible, outside expert. Not only does it provide them with useful information to better manage their own businesses, but they also feel they are being treated fairly and in an unbiased manner. That’s credibility that is useful for you. Your staff can spend more time on the job rather than checking tenant utility invoices and/or answering tenant questions regarding their utilities.

Moylan Energy Management, Inc. (MEM) utilizes trained, experienced staff to perform tenant sub meter readings, utility load surveys and all related billing functions.

We have a full understanding of the tax rules that apply to the resale process and have developed reports that provide our clients with the accurate tax dollars that have to be submitted to the state. We work with our clients’ accounting departments to provide all the pertinent information that will make their jobs a smooth process.

MEM applies all the Michigan Public Service Commission rules and guidelines that address Michigan’s resale process. We have accurately applied the numerous rate and surcharge changes that have faced the Michigan resale industry. We maintain a complete and in-depth understanding of the complex rate structures that are currently part of Michigan’s utility marketplace. 

For a proposal which will detail the complete services we can provide your company with please contact us.