Moylan Energy Management, Inc. is a Michigan-based service corporation that specializes in the commercial and industrial tenant utility resale process for building owners and property management companies. Our firm’s vast experience in Michigan’s tenant utility resale market will provide you and your company with the best available industry leaders for your properties needs. Excelling in customer service and providing an outstanding product is Moylan Energy Management’s goal.

Energy is a vital resource for all businesses. By assuming the task of developing a practical, comprehensive tenant billing system for determining tenant energy charges, we can help you avoid inaccurate charges and tenant complaints. We give you the control to accurately review and document utility expenses incurred by individual tenants.

As a manager or owner responsible for cost controls - whether for an office building, an industrial complex, a shopping center or a governmental facility - you are always looking for ways to keep your expenses to a minimum. As well as accurately monitoring and invoicing your tenants for their utilities. Moylan Energy Management, Inc. will provide you and your company with a comprehensive, complete tenant utility resale services package to specifically meet your company’s needs.

"It is truly my pleasure to endorse Laura Mullins and the staff at Moylan as one of the finest specialty service providers that I have the continuing pleasure to partner with.  Always accurate, informed, accommodating, and reliable."
                                    - Geoffrey Trombley, Group Engineering Manager, Hines.-->